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Wedding photos that don't suck? I gotchu, boo. 

Hey, hi, hello. We are a photo+video husband and wife team based out of Texas. So we know getting married is exciting, but wedding planning can be overwhelming. We get it. Just know that my website might showcase all of those "perfect" moments of the day, but I'm about so much more than that. I'm about spilled champagne, tearful hugs, dorky dance moves, & bashful flower girls. I'm about "oh-my-heavens-I'm-getting-MARRIED". I'm about being whatever you need me to be- a stray hair fixer, a timeline helper, or a friend that will lend you the inside of my dress to blot your sweat with. I'm on your side, in your corner, there for you through it all. I'm not afraid to move you to better light or tell you to raise your chin (ANGLES, people). I'm all about going the distance to make sure the story of your wedding day is told beautifully and doesn't suck. 


We specialize in offering both photo and video to take away
the stress of having to hire separate vendors.

We do offer both services as stand alone options.

Already hired your photographer? Ask us about video.

Only interested in photography? That's cool, too.
Just let us know.

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Don't let these professional photos of us fool you.
We aren't nearly this cool in real life.
We play Stratego every night, and Chris always beats me.
Sometimes we mix it up and play Phase 10 or SkipBo.

We have a giant, lovable, mischievous Great Dane
named Nyxie, and we think she is the bees knees.

When we aren't behind the camera?
Chris is a gamer.
I'm a quilter.

We are fans of Bob's Burgers. (Chris thinks he is Bob.)
Also (duh) The Office. And the IT Crowd.
Basically we love funny stuff.
We are big time family people. We spend every
Spring Break, Christmas, and Thanksgiving with our
family in Colorado.

We love Catan and That's You. (PS4 game and highly
We want to hear from you and step into your world.
We want to know about your love story.
We want to help make the memories that will last forever.

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